Study In Canada

Canada does not just have some of the best immigration options for foreign nationals. They also host some of the best education institutes in the world.

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Get a Canadian Study Permit

Foreign students get a chance to study at a designated learning institution in Canada after they acquire a study permit. It is a document that the Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) issues.

You need to apply to the IRCC after receiving a letter of acceptance from your chosen designated learning institution. This application will be towards obtaining a study permit.

An applicant for a study permit can mention his/her family on the application. This will let the family accompany the student to Canada. In addition, it is possible for a spouse accompanying the applicant to opt for an open work permit. This permit will allow the spouse to work for a Canadian employer. With the help of this permit, minors may be able to study at any Canadian basic and secondary school.

Most global students need a study permit pursuing further education within the country. However, there is no need to acquire a study permit if your plans in Canada are for a maximum of six months. Furthermore, several people and minors may be excused from requiring the study permit.

Study without a Study Permit

Irrespective of the level you wish to study in Canada, a foreign student will have to acquire a Canadian study permit. Nonetheless, there are situations wherein this rule does not apply to global students.

Study Permit Application Refusals

Any person may seek professional help with the study permit application or re-apply. This is for a study permit application that faces a refusal.

Although such a situation may be frustrating for many, it is always possible to go for a second chance. However, first, a student needs to understand the causes behind a study permit application refusal. This is after receiving an acceptance into a Canadian education institution and preparing a study permit application.

Study Permit with the Student Direct Stream

Canada has come up with the Student Direct Program (SDS), which is a new program. This program makes the application process for a Canadian study permit more efficient.

Canada hopes to take 20 calendar days to process all the applications for study permits under the SDS program.

International Students in Canada

Global students in Canada are said to be in excellent positions. Apart from developing their career in Canada, they can stay in the country forever as well. Therefore, the decision to study in Canada places a student in a great position.