We understand how important it is for our clients to get a timely response so they may live their lives with peace of mind.

At ELECTO, we always aim to respond to our clients within the same day but even during the busiest of seasons and in the most complex of circumstances, you’ll never have to wait more than 72 hours to hear back from us.

And to prove it, we put our money where our mouth is with the 3 DAY RESPONSE TIME GUARANTEE.


Guaranteed in all our client’s formal retainer agreement with Electo Immigration & Citizenship Services Inc. under the responsibilities of the consultant clause is the following commitment:

The company undertakes the responsibility that a Project Manager will be dedicated to each retained client. This Project Manager will be expected to reply to any and all queries of the client within a 72-hour period all 365 days of the year.

This commitment applies during all seasons and government sanctioned holidays. Violation of this commitment by ELECTO would enable the CLIENT to seek reimbursement of up to 25% of the total retainer fees.


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