Is It Necessary To Apply For A Temporary Resident Permit To Enter Canada?


Many of you plan to visit Canada. Some wish to pursue further studies in the country, and some want to work and settle down. Some like to visit Canada as a tourist.

You may find it tough to enter Canadian soil if you have a history of crime to your name. Petty crimes like assault, theft and driving under the influence are sufficient reasons for non-admissibility.

If you have a criminal record, Temporary Resident Permit (TRP) may be the answer to your Canadian entry. It provides a temporary solution for people with a criminal background to enter Canada.

The purpose of TRP is to allow access to travelers who wish to enter Canada for a proper reason. Tourism may not be an option for such travelers. However, Canadian officials may grant access for such travelers on worker, education, and family reasons.

TRP Application

For a TRP application process, you will have to submit something that explains two essential points:

  1. Your criminal history
  2. Why you should receive permission to enter Canada

All supporting documents are necessary during the application. These documents include:

  1. Background checks
  2. Court documents
  3. Proof of your reason to enter Canada

American PR status holders or citizens may submit their TRP application at any port of entry (POE) or a Canadian consulate. The port of entry may either be by air, sea, or land.

Non-Americans need to apply for a TRP application process at a Canadian consulate. The Canadian government will charge $200 CAD as a processing fee for the application.

This does not depend on how you apply. Applying for a TRP through a Canadian consulate involves a significant processing time of 3 to 6 months. Despite this fact, it is the best approach for any foreign citizen.

An experienced immigration officer at the consulates will decide on TRP applications. The officer will understand the different reasons behind the justification of entry into Canada. It will reduce the chance of any guesswork as well. TRP applicants will know in advance whether the application is granted or rejected.

Port of Entry (POE)

Canadian port of entries include:

  1. Land crossings
  2. Airports
  3. Sea entry points

In other words, it is any place where you need to show your passport to enter Canada. Applying at a POE will provide immediate processing of the application. A Canadian officer will process a TRP application the moment he receives it.

The officer will help to maintain a balance between two essential factors.

  1. The applicant’s need to enter Canadian soil
  2. The security and health risks of the country’s citizens.

It takes a few minutes for officers to decide on TRP applications at POEs.

However, applying for a TRP at a POE has its cons. The primary disadvantage is uncertainty. There is no way for you to know whether they accept or reject your application. Such uncertainty is until you try to enter Canada. In many instances, this gives rise to some unpleasant and unexpected situations.

You can apply for a TRP and criminal rehab with or without legal representations.

TRP applications are often tough to understand. This is applicable both for the applicant and reviewer. Sometimes, potentially acceptable applications also face a denial. The reason behind it is a lack of proper explanations and documents.

The primary motive of a TRP application is to argue for your need to enter Canada and that you do not pose any threat to the citizens. Although not necessary, hiring an experienced lawyer can help prepare such arguments.

TRP may prove to be helpful for you if:

  1. It has been less than five years since completing your sentence.
  2. You think you are inadmissible and still need to enter Canada soon.

If you have a criminal history and wish to enter Canada, seeking help from a Canadian immigration law firm may be helpful. The professional can assist in the preparation of applications for future entries.

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